Christine D’Esposito, Postpartum Doula

“As a doula, my goal is to hold space for the whole family in their process of self discovery. Just as babies gestate inside the mother, parents are also gestating during this time.”

Christine’s Background

Christine is a postpartum doula and Birthing From Within childbirth educator. She holds a BS in Communications and is a Certified Doula through the state of Oregon, DONA and Birthing From Within. She is also a Certified Childbirth Educator through Birthing From Within.

Christine first became interested in birth and postpartum support after attending a close friend’s birth. The experience allowed her to witness, first-hand, the wonder of the mother-baby bond and the value of outside support.

She has special interests in nutrition, wellness, conflict resolution, human development, community building and cross cultural ceremony. In her free time she enjoys gardening, spending time in nature with her dog, singing, drumming, cooking delicious food and being an Auntie.

Christine’s Approach to Doula Work

Christine believes that the birth and postpartum journey holds the capacity to be an empowering and transformative experience for everyone involved. Her goal as a doula and childbirth mentor is to validate and celebrate each parent’s experience as she helps facilitate their self-discovery.

Christine has had the opportunity to serve hundreds of families in the Portland area since 2003. She believes in a woman’s natural ability to give birth and does not believe there is a single, right way to do it. She is comfortable with birth in all settings and has experience with hospital birth, home birth, birth centers and water birth.

Postpartum Services

As a postpartum doula, Christine offers a balance of hands-on, physical support and calm, reassuring emotional support. She is skilled at helping with newborn care and answering questions, providing breastfeeding and bottle feeding support, taking on tasks around the home, providing overnight support or just being a listening ear for a parent processing the birth experience.

Childbirth Classes

In addition to postpartum doula services, she also offers Birthing From Within childbirth classes. placenta encapsulation, belly binding and belly casting, Blessingway ceremonies for the expecting mother, baby welcoming ceremonies, prenatal and postpartum hot rock application and Birth Art workshops.

Photos of Christine in Action


I cannot imagine having gone through the journey of birthing our first child without Christine on our team. She was invaluable in coaching me and my husband through my un-medicated, hospital birth. She was supportive both emotionally and physically for me and was an amazing help for my husband before and during the birth.

Christine is personable while being incredibly professional and knowledgeable. She handled the hospital staff with grace and a firm commitment to make sure my wishes were met and my choices were well-considered.

– Mom, 2014

Christine was so valuable in the birth of our daughter. My partner thought I was nuts for wanting a doula and now he is the one that tells everyone about how great she was and why we needed her. 30 hours of natural labor turned into an emergency c-section and then a huge infection for me. It was Christine that kept us calm, present and accepting during this time. He is her biggest fan. I guess that makes me her second biggest fan.

Christine was there pre-baby to make sure we faced our fears, were connected to each other and the baby and understood what we could and could not control. She was a calming presence during a time that was filled with a huge amount of anxiety for us. After giving birth, I never imagined that she would keep in touch, check in on us and genuinely care for the three of us. This is more then a job for her. It is her passion. We are so blessed and grateful that she was with us on this journey. She will definitely be part of our family for a very long time.

– Mom, 2014

Christine was wonderful! She accommodated an abbreviated schedule pre-birth. She was always accessible and available. She was supportive without being overbearing, helpful with suggestions without being pushy. She was an absolute asset to the birth itself, really supporting the family and especially helping me feel free to really experience the birth without the feeling of being a sole support member for my wife. Her postpartum care was excellent too. I would say she’s become more than just our doula- she’s become a great friend. I would (and have already) recommended her to friends, and would definitely use her services again in the future.

– Dad, 2014

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