Cindy Stumpf, Birth Doula

“When a birthing person feels safe, supported, and informed, they find a strength
that is uniquely theirs. I feel so honored to walk beside amazing birthing people as
they navigate this dynamic journey. Much like parenting, birth is sacred and
mundane, normal and extraordinary, beautiful and messy. An empowered birth
experience creates strong, empowered parents who are more confident and better
equipped for a new phase of life filled with challenges and joy.”

Cindy’s Approach to Doula Work

In her 16 years working as a doula, Cindy has supported a diverse array of growing families through the transformative and powerful process of becoming parents. She seeks to bring the birthing person back to the center of the birth experience, regardless of the path that experience takes.
As each birth story unfolds, Cindy draws on her experience, intuition, and deep knowledge of the physiology of birth to provide a variety of support measures. These include emotional support and a loving, reassuring presence; touch, massage, and other physical comfort measures; positioning, relaxation, and breathing techniques; protection of the birth space and facilitation of an oxytocin-friendly environment; support and guidance for the partner. In addition, she is skilled at providing evidence based, non-biased information for informed decision making as well as facilitation of communication with the medical team.
Cindy is experienced in hospital birth as well as home and birth center birth. She is passionate about helping families become aware of all of their choices so they can prepare for the birth that feels just right for them. Her relationship-based education and support is tailored to each client’s specific needs, desires, and choices, providing a framework for your individual growth. In the spirit of this commitment to informed choice, Cindy has built a specific interest and wealth of experience in supporting VBAC.
She loves to prepare families for a restful and restorative postpartum time and offers placenta encapsulation to help ease the postpartum transition and speed recovery.

Cindy’s Background

Cindy has been fascinated by the physiology of birth since childhood. After the birth of her
first child, this fascination became a passion. She began to study childbirth education,
breastfeeding counseling, and prenatal fitness, and these eventually led her to doula work —
a perfect fit!
Over the years, Cindy has attended a multitude of enriching workshops and trainings to
deepen her skills and understanding. She is a trained midwife but is not currently licensed or
practicing, having returned to her doula roots. The knowledge and experience gained from
her midwifery experience informs Cindy’s doula practice and aids her ability to offer clarity
around evidence and medical information.

Cindy is mother to 3 wonderful adults and one fantastic preschooler. When not attending
births, she can be found dancing, sewing, reading, and listening to podcasts. She is also
newly initiated into travel and can’t wait to find her next adventure.

Additional Services Cindy Offers

Certification, Training, & Education

  • Birthingway Certified Birth Doula
  • Birthingway College of Midwifery, Midwifery program
  • Birthingway Childbirth Education Workshop
  • Massage for Midwives and Birth Professionals
  • Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon, Peer counselor training
  • Birth doula training at Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University
  • ICEA-approved childbirth educator training
  • DONA-approved birth doula training
  • Workshop: Physiologic Management of Labor: Maintaining Normalcy in Birth
  • Workshop: When Survivors Give Birth
  • Workshop: Maintaining Normalcy in the Third and Fourth Stage of Labor
  • American Heart Association BLS Provider CPR

Photos of Cindy in Action

Client Testimonials

“My husband and I hired Cindy for the birth of our first child. Cindy was so easy to talk to, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable – we felt comfortable with her from our first interview and learned so much from her during our prenatal visits. We had a long labor and throughout felt like we had the best support from Cindy. She patiently worked with us and helped us make informed decisions and I can’t imagine having done it without her. Cindy’s visits after our birth were a wonderful chance to talk about being a new parent and share our excitement and love for our newborn. We loved Cindy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other parents.”

– Mom, 2014

“Cindy was a warm, wise presence in our childbirth experience, from prenatal counseling through the birth and afterwards. With her calming influence, I was able to bring our daughter into the world without pain medication and with strength I did not even know I had in me. She also managed to be part of the team while making sure my husband had a crucial role in keeping me focused and energized. She was a great advocate for us in the hospital, with both our doctor and nurse later commenting that she was excellent to work with and really good at what she does. Cindy was also an amazing and trustworthy resource for information regarding pregnancy and newborn care. We cannot recommend her any more highly.”

– Mom, 2014

“Our little one arrived almost five weeks early. We were unprepared in so many ways, but we had hired Cindy. We discovered that we didn’t need a crib, or a completed nursery, or even a stroller right away, but we did need an amazing doula.

For us Cindy offered a calm and knowledgeable presence throughout the birth and in the weeks following the arrival of our little guy. With Cindy’s support and our Hypnobabies tools, we had a beautiful, peaceful birth experience. And in the weeks following, Cindy was available to answer our random questions and be the cheerleader we needed as we struggled with breastfeeding, jaundice and other preemie-related challenges.

There are so many things that new parents really don’t need, but we are totally convinced that investing in a doula is essential, and Cindy was the perfect fit for us.”

– Mom, 2015

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