Consultation Services

Consultation Services with Owner of Doula Love – Wendy Scharp

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Prenatal Planning and Support

  • Are you pregnant and unsure about what kind of pregnancy and birth experience is right for you?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed as you prepare your birth plan/preferences and want unbiased DoulaLove074feedback?
  • Did you have a previous birth experience that was less then ideal and what support to have a different experience?
  • Are you planning a VBAC and want to have support along your journey?
  • Have you heard a lot of scary birth stories from family members and are concerned you are destine to have a challenging birth?
  • Are you trying to decide what birth location and what provider is right for you and the birth you want?
  • Have you heard about Doulas but just not sure if they are right for you?
  • Are you getting a lot of advice and you would like to talk things through with a person who has a lot of experience in the Portland Metro Birth atmosphere?
  • Are you experiencing a lot of pregnancy discomfort and you want some support on what service/therapies that will help make your pregnancy more enjoyable?

Postpartum Planning

  • Are you concerned about what postpartum will bring and would like a solid plan in place to feel more condident and prepared?image
  • Was your birth uncomplicated but then you had an extremely challenging postpartum period that you were not expecting?
  • Did you have a challenging postpartum with your previous children and you want to be better prepared this time around?
  • Have you heard about placenta encapsulation and you want to know if it is right for you?
  • Did you have a challenging birth and would like to talk about it with someone not close to you?

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