Doula Love Training Center Mentee’s

Doula Love is an organization that is dedicated to helping birth professionals gain the highest level of training and experience available.  Starting in 2017 Wendy took on four mentees and is providing them extensive support, mentoring and guidance on their journey to becoming a professional doula.

If you are interested in more information on this Mentorship Opportunity please contact Wendy or check out our Doula Love Training Center site Here.


Below is a list of our current mentee’s!

2017 Mentees

From left to right Tasha, Kayla, Erica, and Leslie.

Check out their bio’s at the links below.

TashaKayla,  Erica,  Leslie


This Package Includes:

  • 2 Prenatal Visits (more if needed)
  • 10 % Discount on classes offered in the Doula Love Classroom located in the Milagros Family Room
  • Continuity of Care! When a Doula connects with your family before birth it helps to facilitates a strong connection and a deeper understanding about what you want from your birth experience.
  • Unlimited Phone, Text, and E-mail Support
  • 24 hour On-call availability from 38 weeks until birth(special arrangement possible for twins, or high risk pregnancies)
  • Continuous Birth Support
  • Guaranteed Back Up Doula Services
  • Ongoing support as needed and extensive referral services

Student Doula Rates range between $350 and $750, based on experience. Payment by check, credit card, expense account reimbursement(HSA/FSA). (Our Match – Maker will require you answer a few financial qualifying questions to see if you would be eligible for the student rate. We are dedicated to providing affordable services for families in the Portland metro area.  However we are also committed to making birth work a viable career option in the Portland Metro area. ) (Students are currently enrolled in a 1 year intensive Doula Mentorship Program and supervised through out all services being provided to families) 

Next Steps

  • Call our doula matchmaker, 503-766-3495 or Fill Out Our Free Consultation Form. Our doula matchmaker will personally assess your unique needs and help you find the right doula for you.
  • Interview your potential birth doula. Consultations are free!
  • Hire your doula by submitting your agreement, deposit and hiring paperwork to Doula Love, P.O. Box 83555 Portland, OR 97283.
  • Enjoy working with your doula! We provide unlimited consultation and referrals from the time of hire through six weeks postpartum.

For more information and a complete list of all of our postpartum packages of if you have any questions, please contact us at 503-766-3495. Payment options include check, credit card, expense account reimbursement, and insurance coverage assistance (if your insurance covers doula support).

We offer payment plans. If you need a payment plan or information regarding a payment plan, please contact the Doula Love Office at 503-766-3495.

Pictures from the Mentorship!

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