Drop-in Lactation Services – At Doula Love

Tuesday Morning Drop-in Lactation Services – Krystal - IBCLC

9am to 11am (birth to 3mo)

Please arrive not later then 10:30am since New Parent Support Group starts at 11am.

Needing some help, but not sure you need a full lactation visit? Drop in group lactation provides guidance on basics such as latch, positioning, breastfeeding management, and a physical assessment of mom and baby to rule out more complex issues.

Come for the expertise, stay for the support!

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Fee $40.00

Thursday Midday Drop-in Lactation Services –

11:30am to 1:30pm (birth to weaning)

Please arrive no later then 1pm since Older Baby Support Group (3-12 months) starts at 1:30pm.

We added a second day to our drop in services not only to ensure that new parents could get help with early feeding issues, but so that families with older babies had an opportunity to ask questions and get support too! Introducing solids, biting, nursing manners, night weaning, tandem feeding, and complete weaning are just a few of the topics we can help you work through to keep breastfeeding for as long as is mutually desirable for you and baby.

Come for the expertise, stay for the support!

Fee $40.00

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