Heather Lobitz, Birth & Postpartum Doula

“With a wholehearted presence, I devote myself to the wellbeing of growing families during the transformative experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. My ultimate goal as a doula is to give loving care that responds to and respects the individual needs of mothers, babies, and families while nurturing their connection to the collective experience of birth. I feel truly blessed to offer my doula services, because to me nothing is more satisfying than witnessing and supporting the unique unfolding of a baby’s birth story.”

Heather’s Approach to Doula Work

As a DONA trained and certified birth doula, Heather provides open-minded and open-hearted support for families before, during, and after birth. She passionately believes that when people feel empowered during the birth of their children, they can begin parenthood with joy and confidence, knowing that the birth was beautiful in its own unique way. Heather fosters this empowerment by meeting the physical, emotional, and informational needs of the laboring mother and her support team so they can make positive birth memories together. This includes: comfort massage, breathing and relaxation techniques, reassurance and encouragement, positioning suggestions, hot and cold therapy, help understanding birth physiology, facilitating communication with medical staff, and fostering a calming environment (whatever that means for a mother and her labor companions).

Heather’s approach to doula work honors the truth that there is no “right” way to give birth, only ways that support the specific needs, wants, and intentions of her clients. This respect for the diversity of birth was gained through working with a variety of families and situations including: single mothers, LGBT couples, multicultural families, families using reproductive technology, natural birth, medicated birth, waterbirth, spontaneous labor, labor induction, planned and unplanned cesarean birth, midwife-attended births, and physician-attended births. She has special interest and experience in supporting women with high-risk pregnancies. Her 2 ½ years of working in a medical practice gives her familiarity and comfort in medical settings that enhances her ability to assist clients in navigating the healthcare system.

Heather’s Background

Heather’s doula path began when she was pursuing a Masters in Public Health at Portland State University. Her first semester she took a class focused on choices in childbirth. She loved every minute that she spent learning about the truly amazing and humbling power of birth. Heather soon realized that doula work was the perfect fit for a rewarding profession that would fulfill her passion for supporting, educating, and empowering people to make the right choices for themselves. She continued her doula journey by attending a DONA approved birth doula workshop and participating in an intensive birth doula internship, both led by Mother Tree Birth Services. Heather has developed her postpartum doula skills through a DONA approved postpartum doula workshop; an infant care internship at Greenleaf Child Development Community; Nursing Mother’s Counsel or Oregon peer counselor training on breastfeeding support; and the Baby Blues Connection volunteer training on supporting families’ postpartum needs for care, community, and information.

Heather is a native Oregonian who enjoys traveling the world, but always loves coming home to the Northwest. When she’s not seeking opportunities to learn about birth, she can be found snuggling with her beloved husband and pets, enjoying conversation and board games with friends, dancing up a storm, taking meditative walks outdoors, and enjoying long baths in deep tubs.

Photos of Heather in Action

Client Testimonials

“I don’t know what I would have done without my doula, Heather Lobitz of Mother Tree. We didn’t know how much we needed her support and expertise until going through this. She was able to give my husband direction and explain everything. She helped us to connect with one another and made our relationship stronger. She knew exactly what to do without anyone telling her… When I was doing well, she was my cheerleader. When I lost focus, she practically covered me with her own body and would roar in my ear that I was capable and to come back, to breathe, and would help me find my strength again. She went from a stranger that I thought may kind of help me, to becoming my best friend during labor, my rock, my advocate… She never batted an eye at any of my requests or needs. Most of my needs were never discussed, yet she knew where to step in and when to do it. I never once felt judged by her when I opted for medication or felt weak. She helped make my birth the most beautiful and wonderful experience ever.”

– Betty (client)

“Heather was absolutely amazing. She was an incredible help, and I can say with 100% certainty that my birthing experience would not have been as wonderful as it was without her kind and loving guidance and support.”

– Holli (client)

“Heather Lobitz is a FABULOUS doula… She was with us every step of the way and helped us to consider various things regarding the birth of our first son and even followed up months after he was born. She provided us with useful tools and strategies to help ease the stress of giving birth. She was always on time and available when we needed her. I’m so grateful I was referred to this wonderful doula. We HIGHLY recommend her!!”

– Shayla (client)

“I think I can easily say you are one of the best doulas I have worked with. Your empathy, respect and incredibly nurturing nature serve you so well. You have the “art” of it, which comes more from your own life experience and value system then from any teachings. My patient absolutely loved you and was very very grateful for what you did for her. It would be an honor to work with you again.”

– A. D., MD (OBGYN)

“Heather was so calming and supportive during labor. She had great suggestions and techniques that were very helpful during a long and difficult labor.”

– Summer Stephens, RN (labor and delivery nurse)


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