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Childproofing Your Life



Is your little crawling? Your toddler into EVERYTHING? Whether you thought you were set and your little one proved you wrong or you just aren’t sure where to even begin when it comes to childproofing, this class is for you. Join Courtney, a Professional Childproofer, as she leads you on a tour of the dangers and areas of concern throughout your home. Courtney talks about often overlooked areas, window and door safety, bathroom do’s and don’ts and the products needed to help keep your little ones safe. This class is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or those just looking for an introduction into childproofing their home. Class if 2 hours. $40 per couple. Come with questions!!



Instructor: Courtney Vela with Itsabelly
Location: 5433 NE 30th Ave Portland, OR 97211
Cost: $40.00 per couple Clients of doulas affiliated with Doula Love get a $10.00 discount (Ask your doula for a discount code)
Registration: Click here for upcoming classes

Safe Sleep, Your Baby, and You

The advice is conflicting, everyone has an opinion on where your baby should sleep. What is safe and what isn’t? How do you decide? Join Courtney, a Professional Childproofer and safe sleep advocate, as she helps you understand the key facts surrounding safe sleep, your newborn and you. Included in this class will be AAP guidelines, safe practices surrounding; bed sharing, room sharing and what it means to co-sleep. Courtney will discuss devices and beds that are recommended for safe sleep and those that are not. Whether baby is on their way and you want to finalize your sleeping plan or baby is already here and you struggle to feel safe when you put baby to sleep at night, you will leave this class feeling confident your baby is sleeping in the safest possible place.


Instructor: Courtney Vela with Itsabelly
Location: 5433 NE 30th Ave Portland, OR 97211
Cost: $40.00 per couple Clients of doulas affiliated with Doula Love get a $10.00 discount (Ask your doula for a discount code)
Registration: Click here for upcoming classes

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