Kayla Stewart, Birth Doula

“Drawing from her passion for the family as a unit, Kayla strives to help guide her clients through the exciting passage of parenthood; providing knowledge, experience, friendship, and a wealth of passion. How you perceive your birth experience is always at the forefront of Kayla’s thinking as she unconditionally supports you in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.”

Kayla’s Approach to Doula Work

Kayla believes in the power of pregnancy and childbirth as a natural, life changing process with the potential to permanently change who we are, how we think, and the way we feel about ourselves. She believes that the way you view your experience is of utmost importance and supports families in every informed choice they make, firmly believing that there isn’t one “right way” to bring a baby into the world. With each major decision families are faced with, Kayla is there to help educate with evidence based information and experience so each family can decide confidently what is best for them.

During your labor and delivery, Kayla strives to help you stay as comfortable and feel as supported, safe and in control as she can. Kayla often pulls from her understanding of the physiological and anatomical aspects of childbirth to offer position suggestions, massage and encouragement that will help your labor progress while paying close attention to your level of coping and the environment around you. Often times birth will not go exactly as we have envisioned; Kayla is there during those times to help preserve your memory of your birth and keep you empowered. She strongly believes in the power of a family unit and finds great importance in supporting the entire birth team. When partners are present, Kayla enjoys encouraging the partner to be as involved as they want to be so both parents start their journey to parenting confidently and connected to one another. Most of all, Kayla is just simply going to be there for you along the way. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, you want a lot of support or a little, she will be there to support you with the care that you desire.

Kayla’s Background

Kayla attended her first birth as a labor Doula in July 2014 and has been hooked ever since. Her interest in childbirth started after the birth of her first son in 2011 didn’t go quite as she had hoped. After achieving her ideal birth with her second son in 2013, Kayla sought out to become a doula and has maintained a quiet private doula practice since. She jumped at the opportunity to spend 2017 in Doula Love’s extensive mentorship.

Outside of Doula care, Kayla spends as much time with her husband and two boys as she possibly can. As a family, they like to spend time outside gardening, hiking, jumping on the trampoline and learning as much as they can about this big world around them. Reading and collecting books is one of Kayla’s favorite pastimes (total Potterhead). Kayla was raised with 5 rowdy brothers so she’s a tomboy at heart and loves a good competition.

October of 2015, Kayla delivered a baby boy, conceived through IVF, as a gestational surrogate to two lovely men from France. She is due to deliver another surrogate baby, a girl this time, September 2017. Being a surrogate is such an exciting, positive experience for her and she feels so honored that loving parents have trusted her with their precious bundles of joy.


Pictures of Kayla in Action



“Kayla shared patience, kindness and a true understanding for my needs during the delivery of my baby girl. She went above and beyond giving my husband tips so he could be supportive and we are very thankful for our experience with her”

– Nadia (client)

“If any of you are in search of an excellent doula I highly recommend Kayla Stewart. She is incredible and her support was integral to our birth experience!”

– Briana (client)

“It was wonderful having Kayla with us during the birth of our daughter, as well as during the latter part of pregnancy. She really took care of not just me, but our family as a whole, brought a genuinely warm, calm presence to the experience and helped to normalize even the most difficult moments. I desired a natural hospital birth with minimal intervention, but ended up needing an induction near the 42 week mark…needless to say, things started off very scary and stressful. Kayla’s gentle support helped me find the confidence to have an unmedicated water birth despite the induction, rather than letting it completely derail my birth plan! She also helped my husband feel more at ease through it all and suggested some great comfort measures for both of us. As is often the case things didn’t go as planned, but unfolded into a wonderful experience in large part because of Kayla. We would recommend her without hesitation.”

– Rachel (client)


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