Mallory Warning, Birth Doula

“For me, nothing is more magical than witnessing a woman become a mama. No matter how you birth your baby, the experience should leave you feeling empowered. As a doula, I offer the support you desire, the respect you deserve, and the guidance to navigate your new journey. I consider it an honor to be a part of a mama’s dedicated birth team.”

Mallory’s Approach to Doula Work

Mallory has always been fascinated with labor and birth, and her career path became clear after her rfirst son was born. Mallory’s experience with her own pregnancy labor and birth helped shaped her passion for advocating for women and their families through their journey of pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Mallory strongly believes there is no right or wrong way to give birth. She has worked with a diversity of birthing techniques and environments: medicated and un-medicated births, hospitals, birth centers, & home births, previous trauma, midwife-attended and physician-attended births, and spontaneous labor and induction. She also has experience working with an array of family and parent types, including LGBT families and survivors of abuse.

Providing professional support can help you achieve the birth you desire. As a doula, Mallory is there to offer physical and comfort care by employing relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, acupressure, massage, and position changes. She delivers a calm presence, makes sure your needs are prioritized, and reassure and encourage you all along.

The goal is to instill, in you, the confidence to trust your body and your baby, and to provide knowledge for you to make informed decisions regarding your care. Mallory wants you to begin your new role as a parent with the confidence and enthusiasm that comes from knowing that your birth experience was truly beautiful and all your own.

When Mallory is not working you can find her spending all of her free time with her husband and two sweet boys. They love playing outdoors, reading books and making every day an adventure. She finds cooking and crafting with her lady friends the best ways to unwind. And her two favorite things are an iced chai tea and snuggling brand new babies.

Mallory’s Background

Additional Services Mallory Offers

Certifications, Trainings, & Education

  • Certified Birth Doula, Birthingway Midwifery
  • Trained Placenta Specialist
  • ICEA Childbirth Educator Training
  • Certified Loving Touch Infant Massage Instructor
  • Acupressure Doula Training with Nicholas Olow M.S., L.A.c
  • Spinning Babies Training with Tammy Ryan, AvdCD/BDT(DONA),SpBT
  • Adult and Pediactric CPR/First Aid/ AED Certification
  • Bachelors in Child Psychology with minors in Human Services and Studio Art

Photo’s of Mallory in Action

Client Testimonials

It is difficult to put into words how grateful we are to have had Mal by our side during the birth of our son. In prenatal meetings we got support, education and I even asked for help doing the impossible- make labor fun (even if it means just ‘raising the roof’!)

We quickly trusted Mal implicitly. On the night I started early labor, she was our first call. We knew we could depend on her guidance as we began the process. She laid out helpful suggestions and offered excellent advice to keep us comfortable and relaxed as possible. The hospital staff and midwives did their work and Mal helped explain what was happening and why. She  coached me to work through the contractions and carried on all night right by my side even when it felt like it was at its worst. My husband felt relieved to have her as a partner throughout the experience. She kept him informed, reminded him to eat or sleep and coached him on how to best help me. She played an instrumental role for both of us during of our entire experience. Neither of us could imagine bringing our son into this world without her right there with us.

In the end we accomplished an amazing natural sunny side up birth. The staff were all so impressed by my success, but I knew my secret… It was the strength and perseverance I found within myself because of our incredible doula. Mal is truly doing her life’s work and it shows in the love and compassion she gives freely to her birth clients. And hey, she even got me to ‘raise the roof’. Now that’s a true miracle!”

Shannon & Josh, Feb 2016

“As first-time parents, having Mal as our doula was a wonderful experience. She is warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable. Mal met with us several times before our baby’s birth to go over our wishes, pain management techniques, and to answer any questions we had. She provided us with resources to help us make informed decisions along the way and checked in with me frequently. During labor, Mal’s presence was hugely comforting and her calm encouragement helped me work through my pain. I always felt supported in my decisions. Mal was also able to show my husband how he could help and he was so grateful for her guidance. After our daughter was born, Mal visited us in the hospital and at home to make sure we were settling in and provide support with breastfeeding. Overall, we loved working with Mal and would recommend her to anyone considering a doula.”

– Emily & Tyler, February 2015

“Mal was an excellent doula. My husband and I had used a doula before and had a wonderful experience. We knew what we were looking for and Mal met all of our expectations. From our very first meeting, she was warm, friendly and easy to talk to. We felt totally comfortable sharing our hopes and wishes for our labor and delivery. In our pre-labor meetings, she was confident, knowledgeable and insightful. She gave us great advice and suggestions on how to prepare ourselves for delivery and even on how to handle some late pregnancy symptoms. She was always available by email, phone or text if we had questions or concerns.

Mal knows some wonderful techniques for pain management and relaxation, which came in handy in labor. During our time laboring in the hospital, she was so helpful and supportive. She never left my side, which was a great help to me and also to my husband – he was able to take breaks to eat and even take a short rest without having to worry about my well-being. Mal’s help continued even after our baby was born. She helped us document his birth with pictures and with a labor and delivery timeline. During the postpartum visit, she continued to give us great advice on caring for a newborn. I would highly recommend Mal to anyone looking for a doula.”

– Cyndi, March 2015

“Working with Mal was a wonderful experience from start to finish. She was great at answering any questions we had during our visits before the hospital and went through some different laboring techniques with me and my wife. Mal is very understanding and easy to talk to, so we were able to express our questions/concerns freely. At the hospital her support was wonderful. I had not slept well the night before the delivery and was naturally tired while supporting my wife during her labor. Mal was able to let me get some much needed shut eye and some lunch during a short period. She worked very well with our nurse and midwife to ensure that my wife’s labor went the way we specified in our birth plan. There is nothing I would have changed about her support before and at the hospital. I would gladly have Mal with us again for our next child and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula for birth support.”

– Scott, March 2015

“I have the great fortune of being able to call Mal my dearest friend so, naturally, having her at the homebirth of my son this past summer was a blessing. She graciously gave our family her whole day, was thoughtful and supportive for my partner and me as well as for our two daughters and other family members who were with us for the birth.

Mal has a confidence and kindness that is infectious and invaluable; knowing when to be present/encouraging/assertive and when to give/hold the space for people and moments to be what they need to be. I am truly grateful to have had her smile, conversation and sense of humor, her love for my daughters and support in making their experience a wonderful one, the few photos she took throughout the day that are some of my most favorite, her foresight to fill my bathtub when she could tell that there was no way baby was going to wait for the birthing tub to be ready and the comfort we all felt just by her presence. Thank you, Mal, for being a part of our birth.”

– Sarah, September 2014


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