Rachel Emery, Birth and Postpartum Doula

Rachel believes in birth as a normal, powerful and vulnerable process. Women have been birthing babies successfully for thousands of years. She trusts the process of birth as proven by the ever expansiveness of the human race. Birth is a shared experience; something we all have been through as a part of our humanity, and some share in it again as the one giving birth to another. Parenthood is full of challenges and Rachel wants to help parents enter this first challenge of parenthood, birth, as empowered and confident as possible.

Rachel’s Approach to Doula Work

As a Doula, Rachel strives to respect and protect the sanctity of this Story of Birth. She has a passion and an energy to serve and support women in what is one of their most vulnerable and powerful life experiences: childbirth. Seeking to facilitate a safe, loving, and empowering environment, Rachel provides emotional and physical care for women and families through the entire childbearing year.

As a Birth Doula, Rachel draws from a wide range of tools from natural comfort measures and position changes to reassurance, encouragement, and relaxation techniques, adapting to each birth environment as needed. She strives to instill confidence in each person she encounters in their ability to participate in birth. Though their own intuition will help to guide them as they make important decisions along the way, Rachel works to bring a grounded sense of calm into this key moment. Her greatest hope for you is that you have a beautiful birth experience, in whichever way your story unfolds.

Rachel’s Background

Rachel trained through Mother Tree Birth Services as both a Birth and Postpartum Doula. She completed a 6 month intensive internship focused on advanced birth doula training in which she learned more deeply about herself both personally and as a doula and made long lasting connections with others in the Portland Birth Community. Rachel continues to seek opportunities to grow and learn through advanced trainings in Cultural Competency, Collaborative Practice, and other birth related topics. She is an Oregon State Certified Traditional Health Worker Birth Doula and is the Coordinator for the Gateway Doula Project helping connect student doulas with opportunities to gain experience. She is pursuing Doula certification through DONA International as well as a Childbirth Educator Certification through ICEA.

Rachel is an Oregon native and grew up in a huge family (the third of seven girls!!) and have been surrounded by babies and birth her whole life. She has always loved being active in sports and worked as a High School softball coach for a few years. After a successful 12 years in the Portland Specialty Coffee Industry working in all positions, from bar back to Operations and Logistics manager for  a large local company, she answered the call to doula work and has never looked back.

Rachel lives in North Portland with her husband Phil and their dog Penny. When she is not supporting women in their childbearing year, you can usually find her with a cup of coffee and a good book, a knitting or sewing project, or tending her garden and many house plants.

Photos of Rachel in Actions


Client Testimonials

“Rachel was very helpful and informative throughout the whole process. She made it especially easy to discuss the fears my husband and I were worried about. Rachel was very warm and genuine in her approach to this process. She was extremely knowledgeable and hands on when it came to various laboring positions and breathing techniques. Her fun loving nature made it easy to bond over the course of our time together. I would recommend Rachel to anyone who is looking for a fun but serious Doula.”

– Shelby (mom/client)
“At first I was unsure if I needed a doula as it was my first pregnancy. Upon meeting Rachel I knew she would be a great addition to the team of people I had for my pregnancy. She is kind, caring and a great dependable person and not afraid to jump right in but also knows how help without being overbearing. I highly recommend her as a must have for pregnancy, and will be coming back to her in the future!”
– Jessica (Client)
“I was more than 8 months pregnant and hadn’t taken a single birth class when it hit me how huge the birth process was going to be in ushering me into parenthood.  Drowning in a sea of uncertainty and fear, I felt really unprepared and realized I needed help. Rachel instantly turned the tide, exuding confidence that my body and my baby knew what to do.  She gently helped me sort through my fears to find my personal strength, allowing me the freedom to plan a birth experience that would be unique to my new family. When my labor started, Rachel was readily available to help us stay the course we’d planned.  As things got more intense and I felt I couldn’t make it, Rachel was an unwavering rock, reminding me that I could. When it felt like the hospital staff spoke a different language, Rachel was our intermediary. When it was over and the room was empty, Rachel was there to debrief everything we’d just been through. Looking back on our birth story, Rachel’s contribution was invaluable to making it a beautiful  chapter for our family.”
– Diana(client)

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