Rauna Otteson, Birth & Postpartum Doula

“I want to empower women by helping them have positive birth experiences. I believe they enable women to feel strong at home as mothers and when parenting their newborns.”

Rauna’s Background

Rauna has had a passion for labor and delivery since she was a very young girl working as a babysitter. She often cared for families with young children and got to see those families grow as mothers became pregnant and brought home new little ones – whom Rauna was soon babysitting, as well.

This early experience, combined with her love for healthcare and people, drew Rauna to a career in labor and delivery. She pursued an education in nursing and child development, eventually getting her Bachelors of Science degree in Child Development: “The development of cells into a fetus, which then grow into a beautiful newborn is absolutely miraculous! My passion for newborns and birth grew after studying their development.”

Rauna worked for several years as a Certified Child Life Specialist in a local pediatric hospital. In this role, she developed a caring, compassionate bedside-manner that she continues to utilize when working with expectant families and families of newborns. She was a stay at home mom for a few years before returning back to work in Special Education with elementary-age, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) students.

Rauna has a sweet husband and two teenage children, Cole and Lillie. She has a cat and a female golden retriever puppy. She likes to travel throughout the United States, especially to her home state, Montana. Rauna has also had the good fortune to visit Helene, Honduras, on two mission trips. She would like to return to Honduras, but has numerous other travel goals as well. She actively engaged in her community, volunteering at church, hospitals, and wherever she is needed. Rauna can often be found visiting with family and friends and cheering her children on at their football, basketball and lacrosse games.

Rauna’s Approach to Doula Work

Rauna believes that giving birth empowers women and enables them to feel strong at home as mothers, parenting their newborns. She wants to foster this empowerment by supporting women through their birth story. Family is also important to her; she is always honored to be involved in the growth and bonding a family experiences when they bring a newborn into their circle.

Her breadth of experience makes Rauna a unique asset to your birthing team. She has a special interest in teen births and has worked with a range of clients and family types including teen mothers as well as single mothers, LGBT couples, multicultural families, ELL/ESL speaking families, high-risk families, and women over 40. She is also comfortable with a range of delivery styles and settings – her clients have had vaginal births, planned cesarean births, unplanned cesarean births, inductions, natural births, and medicated births; one client of Rauna’s tried a water birth, but ended up delivering elsewhere. Rauna has worked with OB/GYN’s, Family Practice Doctors, Midwives, DO’s, and Residents.

Rauna was trained in childbirth and as a birth doula at Mother Tree Services and has been certified by DONA. She has had over nine hours of lactation training from Mother Tree Services and Birthing Way. Rauna also had a six-month, intensive internship through Mother Tree Services. This internship included hands-on volunteer work in local hospitals and Gateway Doula Project.

Before, during and after your birth, Rauna will be an encouraging, understanding, and informative ally. She will be right by your side, no matter what your birth story is or what your choices are — and they may change along the way!

During your birth, Rauna will help you with your positioning and breathing. She will give you massage and utilize pressure techniques as well as hot and cold therapy. She may even integrate the birth ball, which is one of her favorite tools! In addition to helping you stay comfortable and focused, she will help you understand what is going on around you, interpret information from the medical team and advocate on your behalf. Rauna also encourages birth partners to engage in the process, providing them with the information and reassurance they need to play an active role in the birth of their child.

Photos of Rauna in Action

Client Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of having Rauna attend my birth in June of 2013. Her presence during the birth of my son was a tremendous help. This was my first pregnancy, so I really had no idea what to expect. From the beginning, Rauna was supportive, encouraging and very knowledgeable. She was like an island for me to grasp onto for support and encouragement, grounding me and helping me work through each difficult situation and decision. She was very in-tune with me and my needs and always went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend Rauna for anyone who is looking for a doula. I truly feel she was meant to help mamas bring their babies into the world.”

– JR, 2013

“A client had a very challenging vaginal delivery that ended up requiring a lot of medical interventions. Rauna was a key member of the team to help motivate her and help her with the emotional part of the process. I was SO thankful to have her present.”

– Dr. Josh Reagan

“We were so pleased and blessed to have her with us. I was on the fence about arranging a doula and, after this experience, I am so incredibly glad I did. Wonderful! Amazing!”

– Angel, Client

I would highly recommend working with Rauna Otteson for Doula support. Rauna was an invaluable and wonderful addition to my birthing experience at Kaiser hospital. She helped my husband and I relax and be more informed and present during this life changing and sometimes overwhelming experience. Rauna felt like a member of our family from the first time that I met her; she is warm, assertive, and has a calming, nurturing presence. These were all qualities I was looking for in a Doula and I was so pleased with our entire experience. She helped us immensely on our journey to meeting our beloved son, and I cannot recommend her enough!”
– Lauren, Client

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