Tasha Clothier, Birth Doula & Postpartum Doula

“Every Body, Every Birth”

Tasha’s Approach to Doula Work

As a birthworker, Tasha believes every birthing person deserves to be supported and respected during their entire journey into parenthood. A strong advocate for the LGBTQ birthing community and supporter of birthing rights, Tasha is the Doula that will stand up for you, your family and your experience. She comes to each birth with humour, humility and compassion. She is there to meet you where you are at, without judgment and shares knowledge as needed to help you feel most empowered to make informed choices.
As a postpartum doula, Tasha strives to nourish you and ease your worries. She loves to prepare delicious smorgasbords and she is no stranger to working with special diets. After almost 20 years in the service industry, she prides herself on her culinary tastes and wants to provide the most loving foods for the postpartum parent. She also is more than happy to share information on baby wearing, attachment parenting, co-sleeping and breast/chestfeeding. She is ready and prepared for all the chaos of new life and welcomes high needs babies and families with multiples.

Tasha’s Background

Tasha is a queer mama of a tenacious toddler, a year old puppy, an old stoic kitty and is a dedicated wife to a loving trans dad who is a trauma nurse. She is also recent immigrant from Canada, horrible timing she knows, but she continues to lay roots in the beautiful Oregon soil. She is passionate about finding adventure in the forests and ocean, enjoying the perfect hoppy IPA, laughing with dear friends, watching fabulous drag queens and staying stronger than her toddler.
Tasha came to birthwork honestly, her own experience after a beautiful home birth quickly went sideways postpartum and with a high needs baby and breastfeeding challenges, she relied heavily on her knowledgeable and loving doula for guidance and support. That doula altered her entire postpartum period, gave light to an otherwise dark time and ultimately inspired Tasha to offer a much needed support back to the birthing community.

Certifications, Trainings, & Education

  • Foundation of Lactation- Wendy Scharp
  • Doula Love Mentorship- Wendy Scharp& Cindy Stumpf
  • Full Spectrum Doula training- Doula Training International (DTI)
  • Birth Doula Workshop- DONA International
  • Childbirth Education Workshop- ICEA
  • Rebozo Training- Gena Kirby
  • Transitions; Becoming a Trans affirming Birthworker- Christian Lovehall
  • Gender Affirming Care & Family Building with Transgender Patients-Martha
  • Browning Bryant Memorial Lecture, OHSU
  • LGBTQ Patient Centered Care- Human Rights Campaign
  • Health Equity for LGBT- National LGBT Health Education Center
  • Postpartum Mood Disorders- Dr. Alicia Hart
  • Advanced Maternal Age- Evidence Based Birth
  • Flock Yeah- Gena Kirby

Photo’s of Tasha in Action


Tasha was an amazing postpartum Doula for our twins. She arrived at a time when I felt really vulnerable as a new mom, and brought what I needed most – hot breakfast, strong coffee, great company, and a bag full of resources and ideas to help me work through some of the many questions I had about navigating life with two. Our babes were enamored with her confidence and calm demeanor ~ they instantly passed out when she whipped up a double ring sling (!!) and took them for a walk, giving me the precious gift of time to myself. I look back on those crazy days with fondness now; Tasha was a bright light in that time of bleary-eyed-new-parent wonder.”

-JeanneMarie 2017

Tasha was a student doula for my birth and helped me out post-partum as well. From the first time I met her, I appreciated her presence at our meetings. I think finding the right doula is a combination of the right experience and the right personality fit. Tasha brings a beautiful mix of no-nonsense mom practicality and deep reverence for the transformational process of birth. I imagine that she’d laugh and curse and cheer and wait and watch with equal attention. At my birth she was a welcome addition to holding the space, and she volunteered to take photos. I hardly noticed the camera, and the pictures are amazing. I am so grateful to have them. In the post-partum setting, she radiated a grounded calm that I needed in that fuzzy stage. My infant took his longest nap with her, and I felt totally comfortable taking care of myself while she took care of him. I’m glad she’s in the world of birthing babes and moms! ”

-Christina 2017

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